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[May 31, 2018]

Two Worlds Converge: Predictive + ABM

SAN FRANCISCO, May 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The Forrester New Wave report lists 14 ABM platforms that matter the most and how they stack up. Because Forrester's evaluation was conducted before 6sense's recent acquisition of ZenIQ, Forrester states in the report: "6sense announced its acquisition of ZenIQ on April 11, 2018. This graphic does not reflect the positioning of the combined entity." So what does it mean for 6sense now that it is combined with ZenIQ? 

First, 6sense was recognized as a leader in the predictive space in the Forrester Wave: Predictive Analytics Platforms for B2B marketers, as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1

6sense's unique and patented differentiation in the predictive market is derived from its ability to provide a superior level of insights at an account and contact level. 6sense excels at time-based in-market predictions, anonymous activity tracking in the buyer's journey, and profile-fit predictions that help identify best prospects. Collecting, connecting, and activating insights using artificial intelligence (AI) remain a core strength of 6sense as a leader in the predictive space.

What is exciting about the Forrester release is its validation that 6sense is now a major player in the field of account-based marketing. 6sense has combined its core strengths with the last critical piece of the ABM equation – orchestration. By combining 6sense's market-leading predictive and AI capabilities with ZenIQ's unmatched account-based marketing and sales orchestration smartplays, 6sense offers the combined strengths of two market leaders, creating one of the most comprehensive ABM platforms on the market.

Bringing together 6sense predictive intelligence with multi-system, multi-channel, and multi-persona orchestration workflows helps B2B marketing and sales teams achieve a unified and automated account strategy. 6sense is now the full technology enabler of your ABM strategy.

To get a visual perspective on the strengths of the combined 6sense/ZenIQ entity, this is where 6sense believes the combined entity would land on the ABM platform graph, as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Forrester's New Wave for ABM Platform included 10 areas of evaluation:

a) Capability Focused Criteria:

1. Account Selection
2. Contact Selection
3. Insights
4. Personalization
5. Programmatic Advertising
6. Engagement Orchestration
7. Performance assessment

b) Strategy Focused Criteria:

8. Product Roadmap
9. Product Vision
10. Market Approach

The strategy focused criteria were measured for the two entities separately, and are subjective and less tangible, given all players are evolving in this new emerging market. The objective capability focused criteria represent the measurable qualifications of the 6sense combined platform.

Overlaying the rankings for Vendor QuickCards overview for the combined 6sense + ZenIQ offering, 6sense demonstrates a differentiated ranking in terms of contact selection, insights, engagement orchestration and performance assessment and is on par with the rest of the market with account selection and programmatic advertising capabilities, as seen in Figure 3.

Figure 3

When looking at how all the other offerings stack up, this scoring system puts 6sense among the strong performers out of the selection of ABM solutions.

The 6sense Demand Orchestration Platform, which represents the combined capabilities of 6sense and ZenIQ, offers a whole new level of ABM Platform comprehensiveness. While traditional ABM solutions might offer one or a few pieces of the puzzle, that a marketer must then stitch together from multiple point solutions, the 6sense ABM platform provides a soup-to-nuts consolidated offering.

At the time 6sense unveiled its ABM platform earlier this year to a handful of customers and leading B2B companies considering ABM solutions, the feedback was unanimously positive. The early adopters mentioned that they had been waiting for a platform that could "put it all together," versus the headache of stitching together several point solutions. 6sense has done the seemingly impossible with its full-service ABM Demand Orchestration platform and with great results.

As with all Forrester Waves, vendors were evaluated on a variety of criteria based upon capabilities that include current offering, strategy, market presence. As the evaluation was conducted before the public announcement of the ZenIQ acquisition, Forrester was not able to capture the full 6sense offering in the New Wave. To see where the new 6sense ABM platform stands today, visit

About 6sense
6sense is a Demand Orchestration Platform for ABM built with industry leading AI and machine learning capabilities to help B2B companies generate more highly qualified pipeline. Aimed in particular at companies activating an account-based strategy, the Platform uses market leading AI to connect a vast array of behavioral buying signals across every channel, across different devices, and across multiple individuals - uncovering where accounts are in the buying journey, accelerating account engagement through orchestration workflows and ABM campaign execution, and capturing revenue by extending account insights to sales teams. Enterprises of all sizes like Dell, Box, Cisco, NetSuite, Netapp, Centrify, Qlik, and RSA use 6sense to support their ABM strategy and drive pipeline growth. The company was recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave on Predictive Marketing Analytics in 2017. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter.

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