TMCNet:  Are You Sure Your Pants Are The Right Size? New Tool From BlitzResults Lets You Check!

[July 10, 2018]

Are You Sure Your Pants Are The Right Size? New Tool From BlitzResults Lets You Check!

NEW YORK, July 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Shopping for clothing can be very difficult, especially online. There is usually no way to try on an article of clothing before you purchase it, and returns can be very time consuming.

This is just one of the reasons that, a leading data science and education website, has released their new pants sizing chart and how-to guide.

This tool, which includes a number of different sizing charts and conversions, also discusses the basics on the different cuts of pants available, in order to ensure that users have all of the information that they need to make the right decision when purchasing pants – either online, or in-store.

Customers Can Learn The Basic About Pants Sizing With This Simple Tool And Guide

For men and women who are plus-size, or otherwise have larger legs and unique needs for pants, shopping online and in-person for pants is often a very uncomfortable experience.

It's hard to tell which cuts of pants are actually right for them, and the rise of "vanity sizing" has made it harder to understand what measurements – such as waist sizes and inseams – are actually represented properly when buying jeans.

"Really, we developed this tool because we were confused, ourselves," says Tim Lilling of BlitzResults. "We got into a conversation about buying pants, and found ourselves discussing the topic of fits, and how difficult it is to understand the different options available, especially in the US."

The tool, according to Lilling, will be very useful for those who are going shopping, and wish to avoid the difficult process of returning an item, ither to an online store like Amazon, or a brick-and-mortar establishment. "Nobody likes returning an item," he says. "It feels like a waste of time, because it is! You've wasted time shopping for the wrong thing, and you're wasting it again when you return it."

Thanks to this simple tool, it should be much easier for shoppers in the US to understand the different pant sizes that are available to them, as well as what they can expect from different cuts – such as relaxed fit, bootcut, and slim fit pants.

Shoppers interested in trying out the sizing chart and calculator can find it at at the following URL:


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