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The Content Boost Advantage: A Note from Our Director

Carrie Majewski
Director of Content Marketing

A wonderful thing happened to the C-suite and top executives many moons ago. The concept of ghostwriting—or tasking an individual to write content that would ultimately be credited to another person—was born. And just like that, the CEO, CMO, director of product development and [insert any title here] had his or her chance to become a published author—without having to do any of the heavy compilation tasks.

While it's hard to quantify just how many chief executives, politicians, celebrities, athletes, you name it rely on the use of a ghostwriter, the following metric gives us some insight:

66 percent of B2B and 63 percent of B2C marketers outsource their writing to a third-party vendor.

In other words, ghostwriting is a prime tactic for a number of companies. Here at Content Boost, a large swath of clients leans heavily on our team to ghostwrite for specific members of their workforce. (In some cases, we are writing for as many as 10 individuals at a company!) Here's how it works:

  • You choose the members of your corporate team who you want to have become authors.
  • Your Content Boost team will set up a phone briefing with those subject matter experts to discuss possible topics to cover, the general tone/style the blogs should take, and the key messages he or she wants to get across.
  • Once an editorial calendar is outlined, a separate phone interview between the member of your company and your dedicated Content Boost content producer is scheduled.
  • Based on the interview, your content producer will create a first-person blog entry filled with the "isms," expressions and verbiage of your executive.

Overnight, your C-suite member can become an author—all without ever having to put pen to paper. And the best part? Ghostwriting for individual team members is already offered as part of your standard blogging platform when you contract with us!

So, how do we make each entry believable? After all, it has to sound like it's coming from Bob, the CMO—not Carrie from Content Boost. Well, we become chameleons. We take what you tell us and transcribe and mold it into an impactful, SEO-driven entry. We create style sheets. For instance, if you prefer to use caps and italics for emphasis, we take note. Similarly, if you love using the expression "best in class" and hate "gold standard," we will jot that down. We become you. We get to know you inside and out—how you feel about the happenings in your industry, what your hopes are for your company, and how you want to come across on both a personal and professional level.

Chances are you have many individuals at your company who you would love to have featured as authors on your blog. And chances are they have topics they've always wanted to talk about. So let us help you. Put us in touch with these executives and allow us to give them a voice. Trust us, there is nothing more fulfilling and profitable than a corporate blogging platform filled with expert blog entries from your top executives.

Here's a fun tidbit to bring to the executive who is wary about having anyone blog for him or her: Content Boost became Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited last month, which is evidence of our commitment to customer service, transparency and business excellence. Click here to read more about your BBB accredited Content Boost team!

Carrie Majewski
Director of Content Marketing
TMC's Custom Publishing Division

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