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Things couldn't have gone any worse for Jeb Bush on this particular day in his race for the White House: A message that he had hoped would ignite nationalistic fervor among the crowd at a Hanover, New Hampshire, rally instead seemed to fall on deaf ears.
It's no secret that personalization is a key component to a successful marketing campaign. After all, today's consumers crave highly targeted content that speaks to their individualized needs. What's more, serving up personalized content is the most effective way to acquire fruitful leads and engage consumers.
Trust and loyalty are two things that money simply can't buy. Especially considering the ways in which consumers use the Internet to conduct their own research before reaching out to a salesperson. Trust and loyalty are two characteristics of good business that are more difficult than ever to build in vendor-consumer relationships than in previous decades. Due to the ease of accessibility to consumer reviews-both good and bad-any potential client can avoid dealing with a bad sales pitch before an attempt is even made.

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There were plenty of impressive statistics from the big game last night. The Denver Broncos, for instance, became the ninth NFL franchise to win three Super Bowls. Denver also won the game with just 194 offensive yards, setting a record for the fewest ever in a Super Bowl victory.
If there is one thing I've learned about content marketing it's that not all digital channels are ideally suited for every industry. Before you get started, you should first take into consideration the types of channels your audience uses the most as well as the ones capable of encapsulating your voice most effectively.

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