We've all heard about the explosion of social media over the last few years. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Pinterest , there is certainly no shortage of networks. But the emergence of social media has left many business owners and managers asking 'How will this help my company?'

There isn't just one way social media can help your business succeed! To be competitive today, being involved in social media is a must.

  1. It's where your customers are. No matter what your target demographic, chances are your audience is using some form of social media. If you aren't there, you're missing the opportunity to connect with potential customers. Choose the social media platform(s) that are most relevant to your business and customers, and then cultivate these communities.
  2. It's a great customer service tool. Social media makes it easier than ever for one person's message to reach the masses. If a customer has a question or is unhappy with the quality of a product or service, they often turn social media. By being aware of these grievances and correcting any problems, you have the chance to change someone's sentiment towards your organization and build brand loyalty.
  3. It helps your Google search results. Google takes your social influence into consideration when ranking search results. Posting fresh content, building your audience and engaging with your followers are all considered when ranking top search results.
  4. It gives you market research opportunities. Social media is a space where users speak openly and freely. It's a great place to gather information about your customers to better your business and even test consumer reaction to a new product launch before the product is released.
  5. It's great for branding. Social media an incredible tool for making people aware of your brand. Even if you are not directly talking about your business's products or services, it puts your logo in front of potentially millions of users. It also allows the unique opportunity for your followers to see a more casual and human tone from your business.

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