Product Boost is a one-stop shop for all needs relating to your product unveiling. From creating compelling custom content, to equipping you with industry-leading marketers who can become your personal brand advisors, your Product Boost team becomes another arm of your marketing division. The team is responsible for building awareness and excitement surrounding your next unveil. Each piece of the program is developed in line with your corporate identity, value proposition and unique differentiators.

Our team will develop your marketing collateral including:

  • An official press release/product announcement
  • Blog and news articles optimized for specific keywords related to your unveiling
  • White papers and case studies
  • Social media updates

Why us?

  • Access to a team of expert writers dedicated to seeing your product launch succeed
  • Bolster your product's online presence with content supporting your solution
  • Grab the attention of your target audience with a comprehensive marketing strategy

Market Difficulties Introducing New Products:

  • 95 percent of new products that are introduced each year fail, according to research agency AcuPoll
  • The top third of the best performing companies introduce an average of 47 new products per year ; in other words, it's exceedingly tough to capture market share
  • It's costly to do it yourself: The cost of a single full-time editor can run you up to $117,000 per hire when you account for their salary, taxes, health care, IT equipment and raises and bonuses

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Our Norwalk CT-based product marketing experts and operations team are ready to help connect you with your audience. Let us know how we can help our team become your team.