Featured Author on Business 2 Community Ask 10 businesspeople to define content marketing and you will probably get 10 different mashed up definitions involving words like "marketing campaign," "brand awareness," "lead generation" and "digital strategy." That's because the concept of content marketing is fairly new to many marketers; however, that doesn't mean it hasn't become an industry standard for many. In fact, with the obvious benefits afforded by the integrated strategy, it is quickly becoming a part of each marketer's everyday vernacular.

The definition of content marketing is actually quite simple. It refers to an integrated marketing strategy that involves creating and sharing relevant, customized, insightful copy-with the end goal of helping a company bolster its brand awareness and drive profitability. That content can come in the form of blogging, infographics, videos, social media... the list goes on.

So why is the time right for you to be in content marketing?

Feeling stumped as to where to start? You're not alone. Consider the following:

An overwhelming number of marketers plan to increase their content marketing spending in 2013, but 69% struggle to find time to produce enough content and 47% grapple with how to create engaging copy.

From maintaining your relationships with key stakeholders, to making business critical decisions about product and service offerings, to overseeing a team of employees to meticulously developing long-term company roadmaps, who has the time to dive into content marketing?

Our team does.
Let Content Boost help you. Explore our site and let our copy tell our story. After all, that's the essence of content marketing.