The goal of Product Boost is simple—to amplify your next product launch.

We know that going to market with a new product or offering can be tough. In fact, 66 percent of new products fail within two years and 96 percent of all innovations fail to return their cost of capital. Product Boost provides your company the essential integrated strategy and custom content needed to make the biggest impact in the market.

The Product Boost team will develop a three-month custom content blitz campaign, characterized by a fail-proof marketing and product strategy, SEO-driven marketing copy and revenue-generating sales prospecting documents.

Product Boost Goals:

  • Develop a comprehensive marketing and product launch strategy that leverages a variety of branding strategies and communications platforms
  • Position your product against your competitor's for optimal market impact
  • Create maximum "buzz" with potential customers and within your industry
  • Build sales momentum as you get ready to go-to-market
  • Leverage the expertise of your personal Product Boost brand advisor to identify openings and niche markets for your company and value proposition
  • Connect directly with the influencers who make purchasing decisions

Product Boost: Amplify Your Next Product Launch