May 05, 2014

Content Creation will Boost Your SEO Ranking-and Why That Matters

When a customer searches Google there’s a 75 percent chance he or she won’t click past the first page of results to see what’s buried beneath the first round of hits. That’s according to a recently released infographic by Brandpoint, which also points out that 93 percent of online experiences begin via the search engine.

Taking these numbers into consideration, marketers must strive to ensure that their websites rank higher organically. And by producing a steady stream of engaging, high-quality content, that outcome becomes more attainable.

Marketers must devise a thorough and diverse content creation strategy, publishing blog posts, news articles and infographics while simultaneously building and maintaining strong presences on various social media channels.  Search engines rank content based on its relevance. Factors like how much time users spend visiting particular sites, how much content is published, how recent it is and how much social chatter surrounds it are all important in determining how your website is ranked.

And creating lots of content is important. According to the aforementioned Brandpoint infographic, websites that have 300 or more indexed pages will see a 236 percent traffic increase. If sites have between 400 and 1,000 indexed pages, they generate about 600 percent more leads. Both of those statistics should encourage marketers to move forward with strong content creation strategies, churning out content at regular intervals and keeping their customers satisfied.

Simply put, robust content creation strategies boost traffic, thereby increasing sales and bolstering your company’s bottom line. According to the infographic, 77 percent of B2C companies and 41 percent of B2B companies have acquired new customers through Facebook. That’s likely due to the fact that social media creates the opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing on steroids, so to speak.

In the past, a customer might have a great experience with your brand and tell a friend or two. These days, customers can post about that experience on social media and next thing you know, practically half the people in the digital world hear about it.

Brands that regularly provide quality content to their customers for free will undoubtedly notice increased returns on those investments. Producing engaging content ensures that your reach grows organically over time and fortifies your customer relationships.  


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