October 24, 2014

Videos and Podcasts: The Next Content Marketing Frontier

With content marketing or any other business initiative, you have to crawl before you can walk. In other words, before you can master 10 different channels, you have to learn to develop and execute an effective blog strategy.

But once you get your blog and social media accounts to a place where they are helping to generate leads and create brand awareness, the question becomes, “What do I do next?” Unfortunately, too many businesses are coming up with “Nothing” as an answer.

Considering recent research from CMI found that 86 percent of B2B survey respondents currently use content marketing, the only way to truly to stand out in your market is to push beyond your blog and Twitter account. In fact, that same research also found that marketers using non-traditional packages—like podcasts and video for example—are enjoying the greatest success.   

Videos: The most effective way to give consumers a closer look at the personality and culture of your company. In fact, video content marketing produces greater average CTR than all other digital ad formats and greater engagement than text. Blogs, social media posts, email marketing campaigns and other channels all have their place, but none of these avenues create the same level of intimacy as video can. Some examples of effective video content are:

  • Office tours that introduce viewers to your entire organization.
  • Interviews where executives talk about their own history with the company and why they love their jobs.
  • Panel discussions that include employees from several departments debating relevant industry topics.

Podcasts: A great way to vary message delivery. For instance, case studies are always effective as a marketing tool, but they can be even more powerful when prospects can actually listen to a satisfied customer praising your company. Another way to utilize a podcast is to record a product manager discussing how and why your latest offering was developed. Listening to someone talk passionately about their creation may keep consumers engaged longer than an overly long blog post.

Of course, not every business has an internal video team or a sound engineer on hand. Creating video and podcast content can be time-consuming and challenging, especially for marketers with a host of other tasks on their plates. A content strategy vendor can be invaluable for these organizations.

When you outsource content creation, you don’t have to worry about choosing which executive to interview or deciding how long a podcast should be. A content strategy vendor provides you with an expert team of marketing professionals that can take the reins on content projects from the planning stage right through to execution, taking the onus completely off your internal marketing team and freeing them up for other projects. The bottom line is that your company needs to be thinking outside the box for its marketing initiatives, and a content strategy vendor can help you move to the next phase of your content quest.

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