May 01, 2015

Why Marketers Should Pay Close Attention to Google's New Twitter Integration

With over 970 million registered accounts, Twitter is a trove of marketing treasures for companies today. For instance, a recent survey conducted by global research firm Market Probe International found that:

  • 72 percent of Twitter followers are more likely than non-followers to make a purchase from a company
  • 86 percent are more likely to engage with a company if a friend recommends them
  • Companies encounter an average 30 percent increase in recommendations from followers after following or interacting with another company on Twitter
  • 85 percent of customers feel more connected to a company after following them

Companies should be clearly marketing themselves using Twitter. According to 2014 research from Fortune Magazine, 83 percent of Fortune 500 companies have corporate Twitter accounts and actively tweet; however, if your organization is not part of that majority, Google’s newest partnership with Twitter should pique your curiosity.

The two companies have partnered together so that Google can now index tweets in real-time and make them visible in Google search results, with tweets available in results as soon as they are posted.

News of the partnership first emerged back in February, with reports indicating that the new real-time indexing capability would roll out within the first half of this year. The reason why marketers should be paying close attention to this new integration is simple: they can get more eyeballs on the custom content they create to bolster brand awareness, drive profits and establish thought leadership. However, this integration places more emphasis than ever on the content creation’s Holy Grail: quality, quality, quality. Here’s why:

  • Linking will be a critical influencer: Industry experts anticipate that Google will prioritize tweets in search results based on how often the content is linked within the social posts. In other words, if your content is linked within a ton of tweets, it will likely be indexed. The only way to drive followers to link your content within their tweets is to make it the highest quality possible; the content should be completely original, thought provoking and should contain premium value add.
  •  A shift from “authoritative” accounts to quality accounts: In a recent interview with WebProNews, Search Marketer Eric Enge illustrated how this new integration will likely work for businesses looking to better market themselves on the social media platform. Enge explained that Google currently prioritizes “authoritative” accounts; after analyzing more than 130,000 tweets only 7.4 percent of them were actually indexed, meaning Twitter accounts with larger followers typically got more tweets indexed. This game of numbers is likely to change with this new integration, however, as Google will give priority to tweets that contain the most valuable content.

Google’s new Twitter integration calls for marketers to produce even higher quality content that is both shareable and engaging; so...are you ready for Google’s new Twitter integration? 

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