May 20, 2015

LinkedIn to Provide Valuable Insight for Content Marketers

If you thought LinkedIn was just a social media platform for professional networking, think again. The social channel is now offering publishers robust analytics tools that will help them glean valuable insight into their content and readership.

This is a major gain for LinkedIn users as modern marketers are increasingly looking to leverage data to optimize their campaigns. Now, when users publish content on LinkedIn they can access a wealth of demographic information, such as the job titles and location of their readers. The new analytics tools can even track visitor behavior and inbound traffic patterns.

As such, businesses that leverage LinkedIn to connect with more potential leads can do so more efficiently. By gaining access to such detailed information, marketers can more effectively target the content they post and maximize their lead generation potential.

What’s more, LinkedIn’s dedication to helping improve its users’ content creation is evidence that content marketing is now undoubtedly a top priority for today’s marketers. But this comes as no surprise, as we’ve previously discussed marketers’ intent to increase their content marketing investments this year.

If you aren’t leveraging analytics as part of your content strategy, this recent LinkedIn update should be a bit of a wake-up call. Here are few benefits to including analytics in your content creation process:

Helps you create content that resonates: A content marketer’s job is to produce content that causes readers to wonder if that blog or social post was written specifically for them. You want your readers to feel as though you know them personally because your content is just that pin-pointed. Analytics can help you create this kind of relationship with your potential buyers. For example, if your flagship offering is a mobile business phone application, you should be talking to readers about the pain points they likely experience when they travel for business.

Gather more qualified leads: Once you start creating more focused content, you’ll attract more qualified leads. When you can speak to a more targeted group of consumers who have a concrete need for your products or services, you’ll be more likely to create engagement with them. When your messages are overly general—due to a lack of consumer insight—you may not capture truly qualified leads. Using analytics to target your messaging will help you aggregate more sales ready leads.

LinkedIn is on board with smarter content marketing—you should be too. But, if you need a hand a content strategy vendor can help you along the way. 


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