August 24, 2015

How Marketers Can Leverage Instagram to Heighten Brand Awareness

The digital marketing landscape is rich with potential opportunities for brands to make their presence known and ultimately increase their audience reach. As such, marketers must remove themselves from their content creation silos and realize the myriad of channels at their fingers tips as integrated marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly crucial to heightening brand awareness.

For instance, today many brands are turning to social channels to share information from product releases to their latest blog postings to compelling market research. These channels—compared to, say, ebooks or whitepapers which are great options in their own respects—are easily accessible and consumable. What’s more, social channels afford brands with the power to cross promote seamlessly across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to name a few platforms, by simply syncing up the social accounts.

To that point, Instagram—a previously lesser used social platform for today’s marketers—is now beginning to sweep the digital marketing arena as it’s in alignment with today’s top marketing trends. For example, Instagram is primarily used as a mobile app and its content is digestible and easy to share across other channels such as the aforementioned platforms.

In fact, the eMarketer report titled “Instagram Advertising: What Marketers Need to Know” revealed that the social channel will bring in $595 million in mobile ad revenues worldwide this year and by 2017 it is expected to grow to $2.81 billion. What’s more, Instagram’s monthly U.S. user base increased by nearly 60 percent in 2014 to an estimated 64.2 million people and will increase to 111.6 million by year 2019.

Clearly, Instagram is making waves in paid advertising initiatives; however, marketers can leverage this platform to enhance their organic campaigns as well. Here a few benefits afforded by integrating Instagram in your marketing campaigns:

  • Promotes brand awareness: If you already utilize Twitter and Facebook as integral parts of your marketing campaigns, you can reach a wider audience by integrating Instagram. You can make sure your Facebook and Twitter followers don’t miss your Instagram posts by sharing them across all three channels. In doing so, you can continuously remind your consumers of your presence and ultimately increase your brand awareness by expanding your social network.
  • Maximizes your talents: If your brand is an expert at creating enticing social media copy, then leveraging a new, not to mention increasingly growing, social channel will help you capitalize on your brand’s strengths. While Instagram is primarily used for sharing photos, the captions require similarly pithy, engaging copy as your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts.
  • Promotes brand consistency: From your website copy to your blogs to your social media posts, your brand’s messaging and voice should remain consistent. Leveraging another social media platform will help your brand further promote its consistency by affording you with another chance to express your unique personality in a new setting.

Your consumers are bound to be amongst the millions of Instagram users in the U.S. So integrate this channel into your existing social media campaigns and speak to them through a new medium.

And if social media copy isn’t one of your brand’s strong suits—you can always reach out for help here.

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