November 15, 2016

Five Reasons Your Content Could Be Failing

You’re at your wit’s end because your content is failing to convert readers into customers. Your boss, client or investors are unhappy, and that means little rest for you until this mess is straightened out and a better plan is in place.

We feel your pain: Content marketing is hard work. It can require constant pivoting to stay on point. Sometimes, your best effort simply isn’t good enough to please the powers that be.

But what are you actually doing wrong? Here are five things that may be derailing your content marketing efforts:

  1. You aren’t being direct enough: Everyone wants to be seen as a “thought leader,” or subject matter authority. There is no shortage of this type of content online today. For example, an executive may post an article on leadership, or early lessons from his or her career. Keep in mind, though, that your content also needs to sell products. Some marketers get so caught up in being thought leaders that they lose sight of this important goal.
  2. Topics are too varied: Imagine going to your local eatery for a quick bite, only to find a completely different menu. As a customer, you would be confused—and may even go somewhere else the next time you are hungry. This is what it feels like going to a blog that lacks consistency in terms of the type of content that is being produced. Remember: Your business’s blog is not for entertainment. It needs to be useful, organized and full of value. Otherwise, customers may look elsewhere for answers. If you’re producing hard-hitting news about your industry, keep producing hard-hitting news. Don’t abandon weekly columns after three or four posts. If you make predictions, make them consistently. This will keep readers coming back.
  3. Your tone is off: Watch how the New England Patriots players and coaches conduct themselves when speaking to the media. Bill Belichick is a master of setting the tone, and expecting his players to follow suit. This strategy is known as the “Patriot Way.” How does this relate to your content strategy? Chances are likely your team has several contributors, each with his or her own voice, personality and opinions. And this is great for your blog. But when it comes to producing branded copy for your website and social channels, your brand’s tone and voice need to be organized and aligned.
  4. It’s too data-driven: Data can be a blessing, and a curse. There are many free tools for optimizing content, analyzing Web traffic and connecting with your readers’ core needs. But remember: Use it sparingly, and don’t forget to use your gut instinct. At the end of the day, your content needs to resonate with readers first, and Web spiders second. Focus on creating interesting, thought-provoking content and the rest should fall into place.
  5. There are glaring mistakes: Spelling and grammatical errors are bad for business. Translation issues are even worse. Many foreign businesses struggle mightily with this. If you want to convince readers to trust your brand, you need to make sure your content is clean and optimized.

For best outcomes, consider hiring a third-party content agency like Content Boost to audit your website for quality purposes.

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