TMCNet:  Persosa Closes $550K Seed Round to Expand Web Personalization Platform Offerings

[May 15, 2018]

Persosa Closes $550K Seed Round to Expand Web Personalization Platform Offerings

Over the last 13 months, Persosa has gained extensive traction with their SaaS (News - Alert)-based web personalization platform. The company's quick success has garnered interest from investors across the country, allowing Persosa to close on an oversubscribed funding round of $550,000. In an industry where companies fight for tenths of a percent to increase conversion rates, and where the buzzword "personalization" is prominent, very few brands can implement a fully contextual personalized experience throughout their entire website. Persosa's platform is built to support the growing demand to customize a consistent customer's journey, from start to finish.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., Persosa's Experience Management System™ begins with implementation through a client's website and ends with post-site engagement efforts, such as email and retargeting campaign. The product installs with a simple, single line of tracking code, eliminating the need of engineering support, thus allowing companies to publish and test personalization variations quickly and cost effectively.

"Customers are used to having unique choices and experiences set apart from their peers; brands are used to providing it in the name of better customer experiences and better performance," said Kirk Morales, Persosa CEO & co-founder. "We see this in email marketing all the time. Brands personalize campaigns down to a granular level: younger males, older males, younger females, moms with kids, single moms with kids, dads with kids and out into infinity. In our social media campaigns, we segment and customize at a high level, but there's a fatal flaw: it all drives back to the same, generic website. Persosa's solution is the next great frontier in digital marketing."

The series was led by Todd Davis (News - Alert), founder of LifeLock (acquired by Symantec for $2.3B), and consists mostly of angel investors. "Persosa has several key advantages that I believe will disrupt the web optimization space and help transform websites into a fully integrated marketing channel," said Davis. "With the benefit of a one-line installation, a world class leadership team, and a proven track record of recent client success, I have an immense amount of confidence in the team."

The round of funding will be used to continue evolving Persosa's platform and expand the company's customer success, engineering and sales teams to better support increased client and product demand.

About Persosa

Persosa is a Phoenix-based startup specializing in website personalization and experience management solutions. Its platform allows brands to serve their customers personalized on-site experiences, increase engagement and overall marketing ROI.

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