TMCNet:  Marbyl Brings Powerful Search to Podcasts, Connects Listeners with Content That Matters to Them, and Automates Podcast Marketing

[March 08, 2023]

Marbyl Brings Powerful Search to Podcasts, Connects Listeners with Content That Matters to Them, and Automates Podcast Marketing

An ecosystem for podcast search and discovery to be used by creators, publishers, listeners, and platforms alike, Marbyl makes interesting podcast moments easy to find and share

NEW YORK, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The days of scrubbing through a podcast to get to the interesting part are behind us! Tree Goat Media (Treegoat), a media company utilizing AI to uncover Moments That Matter™ in a variety of content types, today announced the launch of Marbyl. Serving as an end-to-end ecosystem for search and discovery of podcasts and interesting moments within them, Marbyl solves the fundamental issues preventing podcasts from being discovered, consumed, and monetized.

"Podcasting has picked up a lot of steam over the last decade, but the tools provided through today's popular listening platforms have failed to evolve, leaving most podcasters struggling to be found. We created Marbyl to help level the playing field for podcasts and make it possible for everybody to thrive by building an intelligent search technology that surfaces quality content regardless of a show's current popularity or reach. This, in turn, helps listeners discover podcast content that truly fits their interests based on keywords, topics and context," said Sherry Mills, co-founder, and chief visionary officer at Treegoat. "Beyond being discoverable in our network-agnostic search and discovery engine, podcasters on Marbyl are given their post-production time back through invaluable AI-powered tools that bolster content strategy, improve quality of content, and streamline marketing to listeners."

Marbyl - Intelligent Podcast Search, Discovery and Sharing

A pain point for many podcasters today is the search functionality within podcast platforms, as it usually fails to show results for topics and keywords discussed inside their podcasts. Marbyl does podcast search and discovery differently and clears the hurdles of being found by analyzing podcast content around topics and areas of interest, providing a deep learning analysis of every episode while unlocking the content for powerful search that yields results based on what listeners are actively searching for.

Podcasters who sign up with Marbyl have the option to have their entire podcast library transcribed and 'marbylized'. Podcasts, and segments of podcasts, can be quickly found by keywords used within each episode. The magic, though, is in the Marbyl AI. It automatically creates Marbyls (key moments in a podcast that you can listen to, read, and share) from the five most interesting segments inside every episode published by a subscriber. It then makes those Marbyls discoverable, searchable, and shareable without any effort required of the podcaster.

Podcsters can also manually create Marbyls in their podcast episodes. These Marbyls are presented to listeners as they search for topics in the Marbyl app. Listeners no longer need to find, listen to or scrub through full episodes to find the content they are searching for. Great for discovery of new podcasts, Marbyl hooks listeners by serving them short podcast moments focused on what they want to hear and draws them deeper into the surrounding context or podcast creator from there. Listeners can even create their own Marbyls from the podcasts they listen to and share those Marbyls with friends via all popular social media platforms, email, and text.

Podcaster and Producer Benefits

Podcasts have become one of the hottest trends in media, but beyond developing interesting content and recording it, podcasters must do a lot of work to keep their content interesting and market their content to grow their listener base.

"Our vision for Marbyl was to create an ecosystem that could truly help podcasters transform their art into sustaining businesses," said Michael Kakoyiannis, co-founder, and CEO at Treegoat. "Accomplishing this required developing new technology that could realize a democratization of the system and bring audience growth and incremental revenue opportunities to shows on the 'long tail' in equal measure to today's top shows."

The major podcast listening platforms provide podcasters with no direct access to their audiences, nor information about them. So, they've had to turn to social media to promote themselves. With significant, manual post-production effort, they may edit their own clips and publish them using a host of available tools, but these clips are not linked back to the podcast. Any increase in social engagement through this method often results in less-than-desired listener conversion.

Beyond being a powerful search and discovery tool for podcasts, Marbyl also provides podcasters with valuable data about the performance of their content, and tools to market new and existing episodes to their listeners. Marbyl intelligently automates the process of pulling interesting moments from podcasts, which can then be shared in email marketing and on popular social media platforms to keep fans and subscribers engaged and listening.

This sharing functionality means podcasters and producers no longer need to create separate content to promote episodes. Instead, they can use Marbyl to drive listeners directly to their podcasts. The Marbyl platform also provides podcasters the ability to manage release scheduling, activate/deactivate Marbyls, schedule social media posts that share Marbyls, and even send producer messages to their subscribers with push notifications via the Marbyl mobile app.

When podcasters sign up with Marbyl, their latest episodes are instantly transcribed and analyzed by the Marbyl AI to pinpoint interesting moments. The data generated provides podcasters useful engagement metrics, including:

  • Marbyl engagement rates
  • Subscription conversion data
  • Shares per Marbyl
  • Listen-through rates
  • Content popularity
  • User-generated Marbyls, indicating the content liked most by listeners

Calling All Podcasts

Today, Treegoat is enrolling podcast launch partners who can immediately benefit from Marbyl and take advantage of its many valuable tools at no charge for six months, with hands-on support from Sherry and her team. Those that get in on the ground floor with Marbyl are not only securing coveted real estate inside the ecosystem, but they are also participating in a cause: getting underheard voices, heard, via powerful tech that unearths the value of great content lost in the noise.

Become a Marbyl Launch Partner – Claim your show at, and someone from the team will reach out to you about next steps!

Listeners interested in experiencing Marbyl (still in beta), can download the app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

For more information about Marbyl, or Treegoat, please visit

Click here for the press kit.

About Treegoat

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Treegoat offers content producers and consumers search + find smart technology that automates and delivers Moments That Matter™. Our herd of technologists is committed to revolutionizing talk audio search, so that listeners can find more of what interests them, and creators can have their voices heard.

Treegoat has developed ground-breaking AI models that identify high interest moments in podcasts and other audio. To date, they have developed general purpose models for determining interest level as well as genre specific models that identify dramatic turning points and degrees of objectivity/subjectivity, to name a few. Through the precise application of multiple custom models, Treegoat provides unrivaled content identification, context sensitive search, and interest-based recommendations that can be applied across multiple media types and industries.

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