TMCNet:  Similarweb's New Tools for Search Marketers Track Brand Opportunities and Threats

[September 28, 2023]

Similarweb's New Tools for Search Marketers Track Brand Opportunities and Threats

Similarweb is introducing a bundle of two search marketing tools, one focused on organic search engine optimization ranking and the other on fending off competitive threats in in pay per click search, to help its customers execute a more comprehensive and effective search marketing strategy.

Similarweb's new Search Tracker module consists of two tools - Rank Tracker and Brand Protection - which together support a holistic strategy across both organic and pay per click search marketing. SEO experts from Rank Ranger, which Similarweb acquired in 2022, contributed to the development of the Search Tracker module of Similarweb 3.0.

Search Tracker as a whole monitors the complete SERP landscape to give SEO and PPC teams a single source of truth about where to invest. Each of the Search Tracker tools offers its own benefits:

  • Rank Tracker, a daily keyword tracking tool, helps SEO teams see which keywords are working best for them, where they need to optimize further, and where competitors have an edge they need to counter. With industry-leading competitor and SERP reports, SEO teams will be impressed by the breadth and depth of insights available.
  • Brand Protection, a daily PPC tracking tool, alerts teams to threats like competitors bidding on your brand name or keywords where it is important for you to maintain an advantage. Detecting these threats and responding to them quickly helps PPC regain and maintain control of the traffic that's rightfully theirs.

Together, these tools help search marketing teams respond to fast-moving opportunities and threats, whether from rapid changes in seach algorithms and organic rankings or aggressive competitive moves by PPC rivals.

"Speed is important in search marketing, making daily data updates essential for any digital marketing team," said Or Offer, CEO of Similarweb. "Our customers tell us that they can counter competitive threats more effectively and take advantage of opportunities before they slip away when they respond quickly, and providing more current data is one of the ways we're responding to that requirement. In addition, SEO and PPC teams and the tools they use are too often siloed, leading to disjointed strategies. Search Tracker helps bring those teams together around a single source of truth."

See this blog post for more detail.

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