May 14, 2013

Top Three Ways to Amplify Your Company's Site: Part One

It seems that no matter what you do, there’s now a bigger and better way to attract customers’ attentions and get them to your company website. Traditional tactics used to suffice, but in today’s extremely competitive and creative marketplace, it takes some out-of-the-box thinking to measure up. If you’re intimidated right now, don’t be; all it takes is going the extra mile with what may seem like a pretty basic strategy. Allow us to elaborate.

Create an [Awesome] Company Blog

There are company blogs, and then there are company blogs. It’s what separates the boys from the men and the weak companies from the strong ones. Blogs are a huge force right now in increasing customer retention, boosting profits, and ultimately, securing business continuity. Blogs might have been around for what feels like an eternity, but there is definitely a blogging strategy that needs to be employed for blog traction.

Right now, there are 42 million blogs in existence, 500,000 new posts daily and 400,000 comments just the same. Even more, 60 percent of businesses currently have a blog; however, having a blog is only the first step. Among these businesses that have a company blog, a staggering 65 percent haven’t updated it in one year or more. Conversely, only 35 percent of businesses actively blog—and that’s only once a month. So how do you make yours the go-to blog for your respected market?

  1. Consistency, consistency, consistency: Can we say that enough? One way that customers stay up-to-date with companies is by subscribing to their blogs. Blogs are much more beneficial because as opposed to newsletters or marketing pieces that are updated and sent out every so often, blogs can be received by your customers on a weekly and hopefully a daily basis. Consistent blog copy will lead to consistent blog readers.
  2. Memorable copy: Successful blogs are those that boast fresh, updated, engaging copy. In other words, if you have something insightful to say… get blogging! Strive to post about three company blog posts per week and find relevant, thought-provoking topics to blog about. Moreover, when making a post memorable, keep voice and diction top of mind. If you approach a blog in a colloquial manner, this will make your customers feel as though they are engaging in a conversation with you. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference it makes to keep customer interactions personalized.
  3. Vary your topics: Keep in mind that your posts don’t have to be solely about your company and, quite frankly, shouldn’t be. Rather, include blog posts about industry insights and trends, breaking news and other stimulating material. One suggestion is to have a routine blog post each week—such as “What’s Hot—that your readers can begin to depend on and look for. For example, releasing a “What’s Hot” post at the end of every week allows you to consolidate everything your customers need to know to keep them at the forefront of rapidly changing news.

Bottom line: You have to give your stakeholders a reason to visit your blog. That means consistent copy, compelling posts and a little less of the “me, me me.”

To explore more blog statistics, check out this infographic here.

To find out the second best way to make your company website shine, stay tuned for part 2 of this series. What do you think are another two ways to amplify your site? We want to hear your tips. Connect with us @ContentBoost and like us on Facebook!

Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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