July 18, 2017

Why Use Content Marketing In Your B2B Sales Strategy?

To illustrate the point of using content marketing to drive B2B sales, imagine someone who is single and looking for an ideal match. This person may go on several dates with a potential suitor as they collect information and form an opinion.

Relationships, after all, are built on a series of individual moments and key decisions. It’s pretty rare to meet someone and immediately wind up in a committed partnership.

Likewise, B2B buyers tend to use this same vetting process when shopping for vendors or buying expensive products that require budgetary clearance and departmental approval. After all, nobody wants to be the one to sign off on an expensive, long-term mistake. Research is critical.

Content marketing, when it’s done effectively, can serve as an excellent way to connect with buyers and let them know what your company is all about.  

“You need to recognize that the B2B buying process is not one big decision; it is a series of micro-decisions,” explains Forrester’s Jeff Ernst. “And the company that wins the business is the company that is there to answer those questions and provide fresh insights that influence how the buyers think about the problems so that the buyers can confidently advance their journey.”

So the next time you wonder why you are producing content, and whether the ROI is paying off, keep this in mind. Remember that each piece of branded content will influence your readers in some way or another—even if you can’t immediately see it. A blog post, for instance, may not generate a single direct sale after it goes live but it could be sent to a group of key decision makers via email, piquing their interest and causing them to reach out for more information.

For this reason, it’s important to keep your content varied and in touch with your readers’ interests, challenges and concerns. Remember to post across multiple channels, too, and even on third party websites and communities from time to time. The more eyeballs you reach, the better it will be for your brand.

Keep on writing, and remember: You never know who could be reading your posts!

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