June 14, 2013

Vine Enjoys First-Ever World Record in Support of AIDS Awareness

 Vine – acquired by Twitter in October 2012 – has quickly evolved into a fun and entertaining mobile application for anyone willing to create and upload a video no longer than six seconds. It’s also become a handy and strategic marketing tool to expand your brand’s reach, solidify leads and, and in the case of (RED) and Mashable, raise AIDS awareness.  

 Supported by RecordSetter, a company self-described as “the new home of world records” whose “mission is to raise the bar of human achievement through world records,” the companies were able to set the first ever world record for the new video app.

As June 5 marked the 32nd anniversary of the discovery of AIDS, (RED) partnered with Mashable and invited the world to join them in creating Vine videos paired with the hashtag #REDWorldRecord to raise awareness and support the cause. Using RecordSetter, the companies were able to discover that there were two vine videos being posted per minute from all over the world. Even more, #REDWorldRecord trended throughout the entire day.

Making this even more innovative, all of the submitted videos were displayed on the NASDAQ marquee screen in Times Square as well as on Mashable’s homepage. 

Check out some more amazing submissions below:



Celebrities from Square Founder Jack Dorsey to actress Paris Hilton to master DJ David Guetta all participated. The movement also inspired companies like CNBC and Universities to join in.

(RED) has long been working to support the AIDS cause, where it donates proceeds to help provide HIV/AIDS medicine for those suffering worldwide. The company’s initiatives expanded and grew over the years alongside social media. In fact, outside of its Vine endeavor, (RED) is currently asking social media users to like, tweet and pin to help raise $100,000 to fight aids in a separate project.

Check out (RED)’s blog about breaking the Vine world record here.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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