July 03, 2013

72 Percent of Companies Plan to Amplify Mobile Marketing in the Near Future

Mobility continues to prove that it’s worth its weight in gold for eager content marketers, evidenced by the third annual “Reducing Customer Struggle” report conducted by IBM Tealeaf and eConsultancy. A notable consensus was discovered among the over 500 business professionals involved in ecommerce and e-business who were surveyed between March and April of this year – mobile marketing is poised for explosive adoption.

Some of the most important survey findings include:

  • 72 percent of companies plan to amplify their mobile marketing strategies in the near future.
  • Companies are increasingly investing and focusing on mobile channels, despite persisting optimization challenges.
  • The number of companies who said that mobile accounts for more than 20 percent of traffic nearly doubled over the past 12 months.
  • 40 percent of participants agree that delivering a positive customer experience is more difficult via mobile than Web.
  • The 43 percent of customers in 2012 who purchased products directly via a mobile device has increased to 48 percent in 2013.
  • A little under 30 percent of responding organizations said that they have an “excellent” or “good” understanding of the mobile user experience.
  • Over 55 percent of surveyed companies noted that they have already begun developing a mobile optimized site.
  • 44 percent of surveyed companies have already developed an iPhone app.
  • 33 Percent of surveyed companies have already developed an Android app.
  • On a global scale, U.S. organizations are more likely to have a dedicated mobile team than European companies.

This survey provides critical insight for content marketers to better understand the digital customer experience; problems or issues with the online experiences; use of customer channels; integrating online with offline channels; and the mobile customer experience in general.

To learn more about the “Reducing Customer Struggle” report, click here.

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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