April 14, 2014

Demystify Your Content Marketing Strategy with Dynamic Duo from LinkedIn

As a content marketer, all of your energy should be spent creating compelling and thought-provoking copy. Unfortunately, for the majority of marketers, the hard part starts after content has already been posted. Many marketers struggle with questions such as whether their content is effective and whether it’s helping to fortify their brand image or just merely taking up space online.

In fact, according to the “B2B Content Marketing 2014: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends- North America,” report from CMI and MarketingProfs, just nine percent of B2B marketers currently rate their organization’s strategy as “very” effective. Just recently, LinkedIn took a big step in solving this problem by rolling out its new Dynamic Duo content marketing dashboard. This powerful resource combines the following two components to provide increased content marketing visibility on LinkedIn:

Content Marketing Score: According to LinkedIn, the Content Marketing Score is like a barometer that benchmarks how readers are engaging with your content across the social platform. By relying on its algorithm, LinkedIn can let brands know how they measure up with their competitors and what steps they can take to improve the impact of their rapproach. After all, it’s hard to win a game without first knowing the score. This feature allows you to see how you measure up by providing statistical evidence as to the weight your brand name carries. This tool tells you who is accessing your material and how you are performing in each of LinkedIn’s specific areas such as groups, influencer posts, news posts and individual company pages.

Trending Topics: Concerned you aren’t covering issues that are important to your core audience? This tool takes the guessing game out of what to write about by providing specific metrics related to what different audiences are reading on LinkedIn. Using an advanced algorithm, LinkedIn evaluates and enters content into a database of over 17,000 topic categories. Then, member profile attributes are taken into account to understand who is sharing the material, and results are delivered based on this information. You will gain the ability to see what topics are going viral in real time, so you can join in on the discussion and create your own piece of viral material online.

By gaining access to the latest trends over LinkedIn and understanding how your marketing strategy is holding up in comparison to those of other companies, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having an effective digital marketing strategy. Use the Dynamic Duo to guide your employees, hone in on specific subjects and launch brand new lead gen campaigns. This can turn random viewers into actual customers, and could transform LinkedIn into a valuable source of revenue for your organization. 


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