July 26, 2016

The Chicago Cubs Trade: Sometimes You Need to Look Beyond Your Own Team

This week, the Chicago Cubs made a blockbuster trade with the New York Yankees for top closer Aroldis Chapman. The flame-throwing Chapman, whose fastball can reach 105 mph, will significantly bolster the Cubs bullpen and increase the team’s chances of ending a 108-year World Series drought. In the short term, the Cubs definitely got the better deal.

Longer term, the best part of the trade for the Cubs could very well be Chapman’s looming status as a free agent. Once this season ends, the Cubs will have the choice of either signing Chapman or letting him walk. It’s a no-strings-attached arrangement.

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In this regard, your marketing department and the Cubs may have a lot in common. Like the Cubs, your marketing team is chock full of talented professionals but could still use the help of a special hired gun to drive results (e.g., better SEO, more qualified leads and greater brand awareness). Perhaps your team is maxed-out, or you need help on particular projects—like case studies or white papers—while your team maintains the company blog.

In other words, in any case where producing content extends beyond the capacity of your in-house team, contracting with an outside content strategy vendor can support your marketing efforts. And outsourcing is similar to trading for a reliever in that it’s not very risky and can have a huge payoff. Outsourcing talent, after all, means you can avoid paying someone a full salary plus benefits.

Here are some reasons to consider outsourcing content production:

A lot of businesses are doing it: If you are on the fence about outsourcing content production, consider the fact that around 62 percent of companies already outsource their content marketing. Companies are getting increasingly comfortable with the idea of working with third-party vendors to scale their marketing assets. 

You can still call the shots: Choosing to outsource content won’t require surrendering control over your messaging. As was mentioned in a recent blog post, you can put as much time and effort into your content marketing program as you wish. Some clients prefer to guide their vendor with weekly calls and comprehensive edits, and others prefer to let the vendor handle the majority of the work.  

Produce more content: Your in-house marketers are responsible for overseeing many different things. They plan and attend events, study metrics, coordinate with different departments and much more. With so much to do, finding time to produce high-quality Website, blog and social assets isn’t easy. By working with a content marketing vendor, your team will have fresh content in its inbox, at whatever volume it needs.

It’s a secret—nobody has to know: One of the best parts about outsourcing content production is that your readers will never know that it is written by an outside party. They will simply see informative and engaging branded or ghostwritten content on your website and social channels. A content producer can work with your staff members to transform their raw ideas into great articles that will position them as industry thought leaders—even if they can’t write well!

So, are you ready to start outsourcing your content marketing? Click here to contact Content Boost. 

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