June 16, 2014

Report: 90% of Marketers Unsure of How to Measure Effectiveness

By now it’s safe to say that if you’re a marketer reading these words, your company is moving forward with at least some semblance of a content marketing initiative. Chances are your company’s even decided to double down on its content marketing efforts, investing more money and placing more emphasis on them.

You might be afraid to admit it, but odds are also that you have absolutely no idea how to gauge whether your content marketing strategies are effective. In fact, recent research by Contently shows that a surprising 90 percent of marketers are unsure if their metrics are effectively measuring business results. In other words, marketers are pushing their campaigns forward, but they have no idea if those campaigns are successful.

Believe it or not, that number is totally understandable. After all, most businesses’ content marketing initiatives are relatively new, which means that the marketers conceiving and launching them are new to the game, so to speak. The Internet is a hard beast to master, and with marketers being pulled in a million different directions every day, it’s certainly understandable that they might not be experts on gauging whether campaigns and strategies are effective.

With this in mind, marketers should consider partnering with a content strategy vendor prior to moving content marketing strategies forward. Such vendors live entirely in the content marketing space and have a keen understanding of all the tips and tricks that come along with it. Whereas marketers might be in the dark about how to figure out whether a strategy is working, it’s second nature for a content strategy vendor to study all analytics to determine whether campaigns are working or whether it’s time to drop one initiative and move forward with another.

Content marketing is a difficult endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be any harder than you let it be. With that in mind, marketers should consider whether a partnership with a content strategy vendor is in their best interest. After all, businesses place a lot of emphasis on return on investment. Should your content marketing efforts then be left to chance? Or would you rather leave them in the hands of seasoned professionals?

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