September 29, 2014

Most Marketers are Too Busy to Produce Strong Content

As a marketer, you have a lot on your plate. Your phone is ringing off the hook. Your inbox is piling up. And you are running late for a meeting. As a result, you are left with two choices: Write a half-baked blog post as fast as you can, or keep your readers waiting until you find the time to produce a piece of content you’re not too embarrassed to post.  

If you are constantly crunched for time, you are not alone. According to the CMO Council’s recent State of Marketing report, 25 percent of marketers now work a minimum of 10 hours every day. Forty percent multi-task during meetings. And 82 percent have at least six applications or tools open on their computers at any given time. Lunch breaks are also becoming a thing of the past for marketers, as more than half now eat at their desks.

This mad rush to get all of your work done is bad for your health, and even worse for your content marketing efforts. Producing content quickly can lead to the following problems (besides spills and indigestion):

  • Incorrect information: Content that’s not thoroughly researched or proofread can lead to spelling errors and poor syntax. You will also be more liable to misread statistics and studies, attribute articles to the wrong sources and misunderstand issues that are critical to your industry.
  • Wasted time: Readers will be quick to pick up on content that feels rushed and sloppy. They will feel like you are wasting their time by providing fluff or botching critical details, which ultimately hurts your credibility and reputation.
  • A loss of readers: Unhappy readers will be less likely to share your content via social media. And they will start to look elsewhere for relevant industry information.

So, what’s the best way to solve this problem? While a common approach is to try and squeeze more hours into your day, coming into work early, skipping lunch or staying up late to write won’t help you produce quality work. You will just produce more mediocre content as your fatigue translates directly into written words.

Here’s an easier approach: Consult the services of a content strategy vendor. Outsourcing your content to an independent team of experienced editors will ensure that you always receive fresh and professional material for your blog or website. The information will be accurate, informative and creative. And you will have more time to devote to the multitude of other pressing tasks you are responsible for throughout the day.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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