November 21, 2014

Uber Generates Billions, and Bad Press

Earlier this year, just five years out from its launch, Uber, a company that connects drivers and passengers through a smartphone application, got a stunning valuation of $18.2 billion. The organization’s almost unfathomable growth should serve as a source of hope for all startups that it is still possible to come up with the next big idea.

But there is also another lesson to be learned from Uber: companies can go from media darlings to magnets for bad publicity in a heartbeat if they make poor decisions. The company first came under scrutiny for its ruthless business tactics, which included poaching drivers from other companies to ignoring local taxi regulations. More recently, Uber has come under fire for violating its passengers’ privacy by tracking their movements and the revelation that one of the organization’s executives had suggested during a meeting that the company invest money to dig up dirt on the media.

It is still unclear how much of an impact these stories will have on Uber’s financial success, but its brand image has already taken a sizable hit. One of the company’s problems is that it was thrust into the limelight—because of its rapid growth and popularity—so quickly that it had little time to get accustomed to dealing with media scrutiny and public attention. As a result, it’s been a struggle for the organization to avoid negative publicity.

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