June 03, 2015

What's Preventing You from Attaining Your Content Marketing Goals?

Becoming a content marketing champion doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and dedication to fine-tuning your content strategy to garner real success. But for many marketers spare time seems like pure fantasy, as their many responsibilities—from gleaning insight from data to collaborating with colleagues in the sales department—prevents them from regularly crafting compelling content.

In fact, a recent study revealed that 55 percent of 500 brands, agencies and publishers surveyed said their biggest barrier to producing more content was a lack of resources and budget. As such, it appears that today’s marketers are facing a content marketing conundrum. That is, they know that content marketing is crucial for their brands’ success, they want to spend more time on it but they feel they don’t have enough money or support to do so. They also understand that sporadically posting blogs or failing to consistently manage your social media accounts will negatively impact customer engagement.

So if your organization is facing these barriers to content marketing success, it might be helpful to know that you don’t have shoulder all the responsibilities of blogging, tweeting or writing long-form assets like case studies and eBooks all on your own. Instead, you can offload some of this work to a content strategy vendor.

Here are three ways a third-party custom content provider can mitigate your content marketing woes:

  • Saving your time: You want relevant, strategically crafted content to post regularly on your website, blog or social accounts. Therefore, dedicating time to create editorial calendars, craft the content and edit is essential. Thankfully a custom content vendor’s No. 1 priority is to deliver your business high-quality material that speaks to your company’s core competencies and establishes you as a thought leader.
  • Helping you gain ROI: You want to produce more content because it will attract more leads that you hope will convert to sales. Investing in a third-party content creator can help you realize robust ROI by delivering on any of your content needs, from email marketing to white papers.
  • Engaging your audience: Your third-party content creation team is comprised of market research experts. They know how to target your audience’s pain points and personas. As a result your consumers will become more engaged with your brand as you will transform into a trusted advisor who they turn to for insight and solutions that help remedy their business quandaries.

So…what’s stopping you from attaining the content marketing strategy your business truly needs? You can change your answer to “nothing” by simply reaching out to a custom content vendor for help.


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