May 12, 2015

Three Ways to Spice Up Your Email Marketing

As marketers, we know that a top content vehicle in driving lead generation and consumer engagement is email marketing. In fact, according to a survey from Gigaom Research, 86 percent of marketers report using email marketing regularly.

Furthermore, in another study conducted by eConsultancy, titled “Email Marketing Industry Census,” respondents confirmed that email marketing is a leading channel in delivering ROI. As such, email marketing has become a ubiquitous channel in today’s marketing landscape. However, this also means there is much clutter and competition to sift through in order for your campaign to succeed.

To leverage email marketing effectively, marketers must create custom content that is rich with value-added information—and a touch of spice, to steer clear of the spam folder and rise above messages from competitors.

Here are three ways to spice up your email marketing:

1. Launch a win-back campaign: If your company is experiencing a downward growth pattern—marked by customer attrition and poor lead generation—try launching a win-back campaign. A win-back campaign is an email marketing tactic that leverages custom content to encourage passive or inactive customers to come back to your business. For example, you can offer your passive customers half off the cost of their first month of service if they re-engage with your business by a certain date. Tapping into customers’ needs (e.g., with discounts on services or coupons) paired with compassionate messaging will help stimulate return business.

2. Offer teasers: Another great way to engage consumers is to reel them in with information and news they find personally relevant. As such, a great way to succeed in the email marketing game is by including teasers in your messages. For example, make sure your blogs, white papers and webinars are constantly updated and relevant so that you can tease this new content into your emails. This is a great way to increase your “open rates” and drive traffic back to your company’s website.

3. Multimedia: Another way to spice up your email marketing routine is by adding multimedia in your messages. What better way to engage your audience than by way of intriguing visual aids? In fact, a recent survey from Flimp Media revealed that 60 percent of the 600 marketers surveyed are using video in their email marketing strategy. Why? Simply put, video is attractive to today’s media-hungry consumers, so offer your audience what they crave—digestible, intriguing media. Pressing play on an embedded video inside your email will be a nice change of pace for your visitors—compared to, say, once again being rerouted to your company’s blog—especially for the modern “instant gratification” consumer who wants information immediately.

It’s one thing to utilize a marketing channel that’s proven its effectiveness, but it’s another to prove its effectiveness to your business. If you’re not sure how to, or you’re not staffed to, cut through the noise and get more creative with your email marketing tactics, don’t feel you need to go it alone. A third-party content strategy vendor can help you add that extra zest you need to leave your competitors behind.

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