March 21, 2017

Eight Reasons to Use Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be one of the top strategies that companies are using to spur business growth. In fact, 89 percent of B2B marketers are now using content marketing, according to recent research from CMI.

While content may be old news to Internet-savvy marketers at this point, many business leaders are still struggling to see the inherent benefits that content has to offer.


So without further ado, here are eight reasons to use content marketing:

1. Tell your brand’s story: Your company was founded for a very specific reason. There may even be a cool story behind its creation. Maybe, for instance, the idea to start your business came to you during a moment of inspiration while backpacking across Asia. Or maybe you started your company to be a disruptor in your industry. Content marketing is an opportunity to embrace this story, and make it front and center for online audiences to read. Through blog posts, Web and social copy, you can use content marketing to highlight your expertise, and showcase your company’s unique industry perspective.

2. Connect with your customers: Posting relevant and timely material can help to connect with customers in meaningful ways. You may, for instance, post a picture on your social media page that a reader will see in his or her news feed. If the image creates an emotional response, that customer is liable to think of your company every time he or she sees it. Through content, brands can reach customers in new and exciting ways.

3. Improve your SEO: If you’re not sold on the idea of connecting with customers, here’s a more practical reason to create branded content: It’s directly tied to search engine optimization (SEO). Creating rich, original multimedia and posting it on your website will help you rank higher on Google.

4. Spark dialogue: Plenty of brands are using content to encourage dialogue around issues that matter to them online. This has been happening more and more on websites like Reddit (a social news aggregation website) and Quora (a leading question and answer website). Of course, these types of websites can be risky as they open the doors to all types of dialogues. However, they can be very effective outlets for brands that can successfully cross over into media outlets that are geared toward consumers.

5. Be the voice of your industry: Imagine a customer typing an industry buzzword into Google, and seeing a correlating article sponsored by your company on your channel, or in a leading industry publication. This can make your brand look like a thought leader in its industry and a top source for insight and advice.

6. Nurture leads: Producing branded content will influence readers into taking action online. For instance, check out this post from natural and organic meat producer Applegate Farms on its commitment to furthering humane chicken standards. The company’s blog also features content for “real moms,” “foodies” and for people with food allergies and sensitivities. This type of information could go a long way in convincing a customer to purchase Applegate products.

7. Stand out from other brands: Content marketing is a chance to really show how your company is different from your competitors. For instance, you can highlight your unique and expert employees on your blog, or showcase your company’s fun culture. Or, you can demonstrate how your company is helping its local community. One Content Boost client, for instance, helps with local housing projects and then showcases the work for its customers to read.

8. Demonstrate social responsibility: As explained in this recent article, there is a $1 trillion marketing opportunity for companies that can explain their sustainability efforts to customers.  If your organization is doing its part to be socially responsible, consumers want to hear about it. And content marketing is the best way to do it. Unlike a traditional media advertisement, content marketing provides a way to thoroughly explain your vision and the steps you are taking to make it a reality.

So, as you can see, content marketing is many things. It’s a chance to educate your online audiences and engage with them, and to organically rise in search engine rankings.

What’s more, by creating content, your company will be able to control its own narrative online.

Just remember: Content has to be well-written and informative to be successful. So it pays to outsource content production to a leading content strategy vendor like Content Boost — Connecticut’s leading content marketing provider.

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