August 18, 2015

Facebook Is Integrating Businesses Into Its Messaging System

Facebook has been upping its messaging application development efforts in hopes of creating an easier system that will allow companies to connect with clients as if they were regular Facebook users. This goes hand in hand with giving users the opportunity to have a more personal dialogue with the brands they favor.

One way Facebook has been showcasing its instant messaging platform is by incorporating Messenger—Facebook’s social media messaging offering—into advertisements. By this means, when you see an advertisement on Facebook, you will be able to click a button that takes you straight to a messenger window. There, you will be able to contact a company representative with any question or concern you might have about the advertised product.

“Our ultimate goal is to facilitate communication between consumers and businesses in the way they prefer most,”  said Benji Shomair, director of Pages product marketing at Facebook, in a recent CNET interview. Not only will Facebook integrate an easier messaging system to bring companies and consumers together, but the social media company will have the ability to make money from the process thanks to advertising fees. So, in essence, it is a win-win for everybody.

The new messaging system is also a way to increase Facebook usage. The original system, which was incorporated into the site in 2008, has expanded over the years, allowing users to send photos and other types of content. The most recent, and most dramatic, change to Facebook’s instant messaging platform came nearly two years ago when Facebook gave Messanger some independence from the social media platform. With the creation of the Messenger app for smart phones, Facebook provided users with a standalone application that increased the functionality of the messaging system for mobile.

Back in March, Facebook announced that it would be inviting some businesses to integrate messenger into their ordering and checkout service, thereby making it easier for consumers to access order receipts from these companies. Moreover, customers will no longer have to go back to the company website to address concerns about their orders, but can just open up messenger and find what they need there.

“When people message the page, they have expectations for a response in a timely fashion,” said Shomair. It seems as if Facebook can now deliver the custom content that its consumers want. 

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