Your 'A' Team: Why You Need Professional Content Writing Services for the Win

The NBA doesn't begin its season with a string of bench warmers and amateur players. Rather it invests in the best forwards, point guards and centers. After all, each team has games to win and a swath of B- players won't earn you the championship.

Your content marketing team needs to be given the same attention. A second-string blog writer, for instance, won't be able to ensure that your posts are riveting enough to convert to sales. A mediocre social media specialist won't be able to keep up with the chatter surrounding your brand in cyberspace. And a subpar copywriter won't be able to come up with a compelling white paper topic that will garner ample downloads. Simply put, you need professional content writing services. You need your A-team.

While organizations are increasingly investing in content marketing to amplify their Web copy, 55 percent still struggle with producing enough content while 47 percent contend with crafting the kind of content that engages, according to Content Marketing Institute's "2014 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends -North America" study. As such, 64 percent of large B2B companies outsource their copy needs to professional content writing services.

Are you hoping to take a cue from the leaders in the space and outsource a number of your copy needs? Then you are probably in search of a best-in-class content strategy vendor that can balance quality with quantity when it comes to Web copy and remain true to your brand while being a third-party vendor.

That's where Content Boost comes in.

A one-stop-shop for all your professional content writing services, Content Boost will round out your team, giving you access to a group of seasoned professionals who can hit the court and secure for you the win. Whether you are looking for help with your blog copy, case study creation, PR origination or email marketing campaigns, you can lean on our team of experts to support your content needs while driving profitability for your organization. Best-in-class vendors understand that copy doesn't do anything for a company if it doesn't evoke emotion or drive behavior. Thus, the team at Content Boost is committed to developing custom, riveting copy for our clients-content that converts, engages and inspires.

To learn more about Content Boost's professional content writing services—and how to take advantage of our award-winning journalists today-click here for a list of our portfolio offerings.

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Why Aren't You Using Content Marketing to Enhance and Drive Additional Traffic to Your Site?

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Content Boost is Your Solution:

This program allows you to leverage our arsenal of experienced editorial talent to produce high-quality, engaging content for your company.

  • Dedicated team of writers producing professional content for your site.
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