June 26, 2013

Twitter Boosts Advertising Platform by Partnering with Viacom

What happens when you take Twitter and Viacom and merge them together? You get a signed deal that will soon deliver social video ads built around your favorite, popular TV shows. Twitter has found another way to advertise itself with the helping hand of global mass media company, Viacom. The collaboration can also be known as the social video marketing pact.

According to cnet.com, Twitter and Viacom revealed a campaign that would focus on shows aired on networks such as MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1, CMT, TV Land, Spike and more. The first ad is slated to air on August 25. Even more, MTV will tweet a series of notable moments, backstage access, interviews and more during its Video Music Awards (VMA’s) via integrated advertising.

While it was reported that the deal was in the works back in April, the pact with these two companies is just one of the latest. Aside from Viacom, Twitter has also agreed to work with ESPN, the NCAA, the NHBA and others. 

The popular social media company hopes to bring more advertising content to its site users too, and of course, this in turn creates ample opportunity for marketers. More than aware of this need, Twitter is looking to provide marketers with more innovative and strategic ways to get their word out in the next year or so.

As Twitter continues to grow and gain users, the company likewise continues to build on its advertising platform – whether in mobile, Web or apps. Its deal with Viacom is part of what Twitter likes to call “TwitterAmplify,” a new product that brings sponsored video clips to any user’s feed.

In other Twitter news, its mobile app Vine was recently utilized as a strategic marketing tool. The app, which allows users to create and upload a video of no more than seven seconds, was recently used to raise AIDS awareness on June 5. All submitted videos were displayed in the NASDAQ marquee screen in Times Square and the initiative ended up setting the first ever Vine world record. Clearly, Twitter is setting the bar high for competitive social media marketing strategies.

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo

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