September 04, 2013

Why You Should Plan Your Winter Content in September

Let’s face it: summer is all but over. It’s not coming back until next year.  So rather than sitting around reminiscing about it, let’s all put the beach attire away and shift gears to our favorite season: winter.

For companies that operate primarily in the colder months, the challenge is to hook consumers while they are still reeling from the imminent lack of summer heat. The perfect way to cater to this crowd is by explaining your products and services through a robust content marketing strategy. While it may only be September, the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting that it is going to be a “piercing cold” winter. For many businesses, this is all you need. 

Here are some ways that your winter business can start using content marketing now to build your customer base for the coming season:

Ski Resorts

We are currently entering peak winter pass season, and Facebook news feeds are rife with consumers discussing the best packages and planning winter getaways. As mountains everywhere compete to offer the best deals on season passes and equipment, the resorts who offer the most information on their websites and blogs will stand a much greater chance of convincing customers to do business with them. Consumers will want to read about exciting trails, guest accommodations and nearby attractions for nighttime activities. When the snow starts to fall, blog posts with daily ski-traffic or powder quality resorts are sure to have skeptical guests flocking to your mountain.

Winter Foods

Consumers love reading about food almost as much as they enjoy eating it. Whether you sell holiday cookies, candy canes or hot chocolate, give your customers a sneak preview of what you will be offering this season and get them thinking about gifts and party arrangements ahead of time. Your content should tell the story of the delicacies that you sell. It could talk about the ingredients that you use, or what sets your food apart from others. By making a push for a special winter cake or a cup of warm cider you will cater to the pallets of those who are sick and tired of hot dogs and hamburgers.

Holiday Accessories

It seems like the holidays come earlier every year. Now is the time to capture the imagination of consumers who are starting to get excited for events such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the New Year. Your content should start to get consumers engaging in dialogue now about favorite traditions and events. Ornaments, menorahs, stockings and fake trees all fall under this category. Think of families that go overboard on lights and decorations. People love talking and sharing their stories, and will post their own content in response. This will lead to early impulse purchases.

Seasonal Services

Whether you plow snow, sell firewood or de-ice steps and driveways, it is the perfect time to start lining up your clientele for the winter season. Your content could include schedule information, customer reviews and details about the services that you offer. For example, if you own firewood, your content could talk about the steps that you take to ensure sustainable re-growth. Or you could discuss the different types of wood you sell. Plows could show consumers where they will be driving this winter, and expected route times. Customer reviews and case studies could be highlighted on blogs and websites to prove reliability. You could also remind your customers about what it is like having to shovel two feet of snow in order to get to work—and how you can prevent them from having to do it. 

As for businesses that operate in the fall, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you! There are plenty of opportunities for content. Farmer’s markets, hay mazes and Halloween events all have endless opportunities for exciting posts and articles. Whether you are a fall or wintertime business, by planning your content a season ahead you will excite consumers and get them thinking while there is still time to do business with your company.


Edited by Carrie Schmelkin

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