July 20, 2017

Winter is Coming: How Will Content Be a Part of Your 2018 Marketing Strategy?

It is easy to be contented in the middle of July. With the crack of fireworks lingering in the warm night air, a calendar full of long weekend getaways and plenty of time between now and the first quarter of 2018, there are plenty of ways to convince ourselves that there will be ample time to prepare for the future later.

However, savvy marketers know that winter is coming, and it will be here sooner than anyone would care to admit. And instead of being contented, they’re looking at their 2018 marketing strategies now so that the next six months can be spent seamlessly transitioning from this year’s initiatives, building a narrative arc that will strike a chord with their audience.

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Of chief concern to marketers planning for 2018 is content: according to a recent Content Marketing Institute report, 99 percent of all companies are committed in some way to content.

It’s no surprise why, either. People today are consuming more content than ever. They’ve systematically found ways to avoid traditional advertising methods, and yearn to connect with brands on a deeper level. Content can allow you to provide customers with informative sales material, general industry news, instructions and even help you to share stories about what matters to your company outside of the hours of 9 and 5.

But simply posting a blog every few weeks is not reflective of the state of content in 2018. So how will content fit into your marketing efforts in the coming year? These are some of the key things to consider:

Consumers value brands with a cause: These days, consumer trust comes at a premium. As it turns out, 90 percent of Americans are more likely to trust brands that back social causes. What does this mean for your content strategy? You may want to consider aligning with a charitable cause that will also help your product shine at the same time.

Your audience wants you to know them better: There is plenty of data out there that your organization can use to understand your audience better—and that’s exactly what they want. Consumers now expect customized content that will have personal impact. Your content should leverage this trend. BE sure to target niche markets that may have aligned with your brand and disseminate varying content through email, newsletters and social channels.

Experiences are what matter most: Above all else, the modern consumer would prefer to spend on experiences over objects. Similarly, customer experience is often cited as a greater selling point than either price or product. Your content strategy in 2018 must reflect this. Maybe that could come in the form of travel blogging. Maybe it’s just a matter of using real-life examples of how your company is making your customers’ lives easier.

If you haven’t started to plan for 2018 yet, it’s not too late: Winter isn’t here just yet. But if you need help getting started with putting together your content strategy for the coming year, click here for more information.

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