April 29, 2014

Forget Batman and Robin: LinkedIn's Dynamic Duo is a Marketer's Superhero

Odds are that even those marketers who are “always-late-to-the-game” have finally taken the leap into the realm of content marketing. After all, 93 percent of B2B marketers are currently making use of content marketing campaigns.

But even so, only 42 percent of those marketers believe their content marketing campaigns are effective. While an increase from the year prior (34 percent), the number still supports the fact that many marketers believe that their content marketing campaigns are unsuccessful. Either that or they haven’t had enough tools at their disposal to gauge that success.

That is until now.

LinkedIn, the world’s leading professional social networking site, recently launched The Dynamic Duo, a content marketing dashboard that combines a content marketing score with trending topics to give marketers increased visibility. According to LinkedIn, the new dashboard will allow marketers to “quantify [their] content marketing influence and guide [their] content strategy” while eradicating their uncertainty and enhancing their relevance.

So what does this new reveal mean for marketers?  Let’s take a deep dive into both aspects of the dashboard:

 Content Marketing Score

One of the hardest parts marketers have in evaluating the success of their content marketing campaigns is determining their reach and engagement levels. Those uncertainties will be greatly mitigated, however, thanks to the Content Marketing Score which is a “recommendation engine” that measures and evaluates your impact by calibrating your audience’s engagement with your content, benchmarking your effectiveness against your competitors and providing recommendations on how to improve your content marketing strategy.

Marketers across all verticals are well aware of the necessity of embarking on content marketing campaigns. But it’s hard to keep a budget open without the proper metrics illuminating what areas of such campaigns are working.

Thanks to the Content Marketing Score feature, marketers are able to understand which topics appeal to audiences; see how their campaigns compare against their competitors; gauge the effectiveness of specific campaigns; and, perhaps most importantly, rank their brand with a conclusive, measurable score. The tool provides marketers with a precise method by which their campaigns can be quantified and thus justification for marketing spend can be made.

The function will also enable companies to understand whether the kinds of content they are producing resonate with their audience. If it’s not, it might be time to readjust their strategy and take a different direction. If it is, it might be time to double down on their efforts and engage them even more.

What’s most exciting about the Content Marketing Score feature is the fact that it provides businesses with recommendations that could be leveraged to improve campaigns and achieve better results. Some examples include launching more follower campaigns, encouraging employees to post more content and really focusing on the relevance of that content.

Trending Content

Are you constantly on the hunt for fresh ideas? This is where the Trending Content feature comes into play. The functionality shows which topics are most popular amongst certain groups on LinkedIn, helping guide you toward producing content that is both relevant and engaging. Whereas the Content Marketing Score focuses primarily on your own company, the Trending Content feature allows businesses to identify what kind of topics and content are thriving across the entirety of LinkedIn.

It’s important to realize that, generally speaking, LinkedIn is exactly where your target audience lives and breathes. They are out there; it’s just up to you to reel them in, so to speak.

Trending Content allows marketers to view which topics are popular across a variety of avenues on the social networking site such as: LinkedIn Groups, news posts, influencer posts and discussions and company pages. The social networking site synthesizes trending topics by evaluating what’s going on across LinkedIn, using an algorithm to group each piece of content into one of 17,000 categories, and seeing who is sharing and engaging with it.

The Takeaway

Information is power, and thanks to the Dynamic Duo, you’re able to pinpoint your strategies on precisely what your audience wants to read. That way, your reach expands and you have a better chance of creating engaging content that can go viral.

Content marketers know that they have the right ideas in mind, and now they are able to measurably determine whether or not their campaigns are crafted as strongly as they can be. And because the numbers are quantifiable, they can continue crafting content to improve their scores, thus getting better engagement and a higher ROI.

Move over Batman and Robin. There’s a new Dynamic Duo in town, and they’ve got their sights set on saving content marketing campaigns. 

Edited by Brooke Neuman

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