September 15, 2014

Kraft Foods Generates More ROI From Content than Traditional Advertising

Content marketing recently received high accolades from one of the biggest companies in the food industry: Kraft Foods.

Last week during a keynote address at CMWorld in Cleveland, Kraft Foods Director of Data, Content and Media Julie Fleischer informed attendees that Kraft’s content marketing strategy currently generates the equivalent of 1.1 billion advertising impressions per year. What’s more, the company’s strategy delivers a fourfold return on investment over other advertising outlets.

It should be noted that content marketing is not a new endeavor for Kraft. The company has been using content to engage consumers for a long time. In fact, its 18- year- old Food & Family magazine is one of the leading print circulations in the U.S. food industry. But it wasn’t until Kraft left partner Mondelez in 2012 that the company was able to really start driving results—and profiting—from its content strategy.

As Fleischer explained, one of the biggest reasons why Kraft was able to turn its content marketing strategy around and drive better results was the fact that the company began to think of it’s every day content the same as its paid advertising. And this approach has helped promote valuable information instead of large volumes of lesser quality. According to Fleischer, Kraft does not promote an article it wouldn’t pay for.

“The days of free organic reach are rapidly coming to an end,” said Fleischer. “If you wouldn’t spend money behind it, then why do it? It’s shouting into the wind without making a sound. How many of us are guilty of being slaves to a calendar or posting cadence?”

Kraft also experienced positive results by merging its data and content platforms together to track the metrics of more than 100 million annual visitors to its websites. This is a great example of how brands can use the data they collect to create highly-relevant, engaging content.

With a content marketing strategy backed by big data, brands can better explain their offerings and highlight core products that consumers might otherwise pass over. It’s one thing to see an advertisement in a magazine or on television—and another for the brand to spell out its benefits.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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