September 16, 2014

What Makes a Superior Content Marketer?

Once you’ve gotten the green light from your boss to launch a content marketing program, the next—and oftentimes the most difficult—step is figuring out who will spearhead your program. After all, this person will need the necessary skills to make sure the program runs smoothly and aligns with your overall business goals.

So, do you think your on-site marketers possess the sophisticated skills to launch a successful initiative? Or should you sidestep shortcomings and consider hiring outside experts who live and breathe content marketing day-in and day-out, those who hold the essential skills to produce high-quality, engaging copy?

It appears that businesses are frequently dealing with this exact dilemma— a content marketing talent gap. In fact, 59 percent of advertising and Fortune 500 leaders lack confidence in the ability of their employees to execute successful content marketing strategies, as indicated by a recent Online Marketing Institute survey. In other words, brands lack internal talent and are increasingly looking for help from a robust content strategy vendor.

That being said, now is the time to start your search for a first-rate content marketer that can give your business a competitive advantage.  So, what are the must-have characteristics? Let’s take a look at five key qualities: 

1.Inherent Curiosity: Great content marketers keep abreast of industry happenings—news and trends—to remain on the cutting edge. For example, the Content Boost team conducts thorough research on the newest developments in the field, as well as dives into the interests of the target audience. By subscribing to Google alerts, signing up for industry newsletters and interviewing outside subject matter experts, editors able to stay on top of any groundbreaking research and studies, ensuring that content is fresh and relevant for readers.

2.Well-Rounded Marketing Mindset: While writing is a key component of a content marketer’s day, he or she also needs to strategize on developing a program that complements other marketing efforts and directly aligns with a business’s overall goals. At Content Boost, we provide you with a well-rounded content marketing strategy that’s designed to amplify sales and expand your reach, while also supporting the larger goals of your business. Look for a vendor that develops a robust strategy.

3.Ability to Create Compelling Presentations: Creating copy is only one slice of the content marketing pie. It’s also paramount to present the information in a compelling way so the content captures the audience’s attention. For example, content can be used in different mediums, from infographics to white papers to videos. It’s a marketer’s job to take content and make it visually appealing, ensuring that the information sticks with the viewers.

4.Skill Set for Managing Time Wisely: Between developing an editorial calendar, scouring the Web for relevant research, obtaining extra collateral from original sources and actually writing the article, the content creation process is quite lengthy. In order to accomplish all these tasks within a given week, superior content marketers will plan schedules to complete specific assignments by a certain time and day.

5.Creative Drive to Write: The best professionals love words and enjoy the challenge of effectively connecting them in sentences and paragraphs. They are devoted to the work so much that they continue practicing, which results in fresh writing skills and valuable content copy. At Content Boost, we have an arsenal of experienced writers with extensive editorial and marketing backgrounds who adhere to the standards of excellence in writing, each and every day.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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