March 18, 2015

New Study Finds Content Marketing More Important Than Ever for Retailers

Recently, we have seen many retailers come out of the woodwork with innovative content marketing campaigns that have stolen our hearts and made us as marketers second guess the tactics we are putting into place.

For instance, Hallmark last month revealed its #PutYourHeartToPaper video series to tell an emotional narrative that surpassed the apparent meaning of Valentine’s Day by encouraging people to “go beyond I love you.” Petco did the same in its “Make a Scene” Halloween photo contest last year, which proved to be a very successful content marketing campaign. It’s retailers like these that are effectively capturing what Cadent Consulting Group calls “moments that matter.”

The consulting firm recently conducted a survey of 1,000 manufacturers, retailers and shoppers, asking what drives a purchase to completion. The answer: innovative marketing that “affects awareness” and encourages moments of influence. Content marketing, an integrated marketing strategy that involves creating and sharing relevant, customized and insightful content, helps leading retailers like Hallmark and Petco distinctively differentiate themselves by telling their story and showcasing their brands’ unique personalities and messaging.

According to Cadent Consulting Group’s study, shopper marketing spending has more than doubled over the last two years—spending on this portion of companies’ budgets grew from 6 percent to 13.5 percent from 2012 to 2014, representing a $17 billion increase. This is a “seismic shift,” according to Cadent Managing Partner Don Stuart.

The survey also confirmed some content marketing points widely known to retailers. For example, the majority of purchase awareness and influence moments happen at home before the customer ever walks into the store. Meanwhile, about 30 percent of these moments are generated in-store. Furthermore, some surveyed retailers said that the “best shopper marketing programs” are those that offer customized or personalized deals.

Click here to learn more about Cadent Consulting Group’s newest marketing study.

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