July 21, 2015

The Three Best Marketing Strategies to Incorporate into Your Social Media Campaign

Your content marketing strategy must without question include social media, and your company’s social media site is a task worth undertaking, no matter its difficulty level. How hard is it? Consider that simply replying to social posts in a timely manner and dispatching content is not enough. These days, businesses have to work intensely to manage their social media accounts.

Your effort should begin with setting goals for your social media marketing strategy. This requires you to first identify your target audience. Before getting started, however, you need to assign roles for the deployment and ongoing maintenance of your social media program to various team members. Keeping your social media site up to date, relevant and interesting is difficult to manage single-handedly.

These three marketing strategies will allow your social media initiative to thrive, as follows:

1. Set Your Goals

What do you plan to accomplish as you set out on your social media journey? It is wise to keep a set of goals in mind when trying to obtain social media success. These goals could include obtaining a certain amount of followers, more frequent interaction with customers, or to simply raise brand awareness through advertising.

2. Know Your Audience

Imagine you set your sights on a social media page on Twitter. That might be a fine decision if your customer base is composed of millennials, but what if it’s comprised instead of baby boomers? Then you’d have chosen the wrong social media platform, as certain platforms are better than others when it comes to targeting certain age groups. Case in point, a report from Pew Research Center discovered that only 23 percent of online adults claim to use Twitter. It would be wise to do some research when deciding on the appropriate social media platform for your target audience.

3. Assign Roles to Manage Accounts  

One marketer can’t do it all. Social media accounts call for management by multiple people. Assign specific roles to your employees, such as maintaining the social media account, providing feedback to customers and tracking the success of the social media account along the way. By splitting up the duties, you’ll have multiple people overseeing the account and offering their insights, leading to better management and creativity/innovation.

These three steps will go a long way toward a successful social media marketing program. What are you waiting for? Go be social and good luck! 

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