September 01, 2015

Create, Curate, Syndicate: Do a Bit of Each to Enhance Your Content Strategy

Developing a content marketing strategy is a lot like building a bonfire.

 Your goal, of course, is to build a fire big enough to shine light on your entire brand. Creating original high-quality content is the right place to start, but it’s only two-thirds of the battle. Content is the kindling you use to build your pyre and feed the fire. But, remember, your goal isn’t to build a campfire; you want to build a bonfire that can be seen for miles. And sometimes you need to throw a little fuel on the fire to really get a blaze going.

That is, to be successful in the content marketing space, you’re going to need to do more than just churn out great content; you’re going to need to pour some gas on it in the form of curation and syndication, as many savvy marketers are already doing. According to research from Curata, top marketers are creating about 65 percent of their own content, curating approximately 25 percent and syndicating 10 percent.

What exactly is curated and syndicated content? Below, we’ll define each and provide some quick tips on how to quickly implement these assets into your content marketing strategy:

  • Curated content: Curated content is the discovery of high-quality content that is reorganized and repurposed for a new audience. To curate content, authors will find a number of high-quality pieces that speak to a single topic of interest to their readership. The author then breaks down the most important take-aways from each piece, reorganizes them into a single post with proper attribution, and editorializes to add value to his or her readership. Content curation allows brands to share their thought leadership and become a greater knowledge resource for their site visitors. Furthermore, curated content can improve SEO as it allows for another section of your website to be indexed and provides greater pathways to your branded content.
  • Syndicated content: As opposed to original or curated content, syndicated content is created for the purpose of living on a third-party site. This content is often different in style and tone from pieces that may live on your personal blog or brand’s page; the ultimate goal, however, is to push the content back to your organization’s website. Since this content will be living on a third-party site, it is crafted to address the third party’s audience rather than your own. When done properly, syndicated content will increase your reach and generate new leads from perspective customers who may have never been on your sales team’s radar.

Of course, original content is the heart of your content marketing campaign. It may serve as the base of your bonfire, but only by leveraging curated and syndicated content will you be able to emblazon your brand with a quality array of material that will generate the leads you want and need.

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