December 08, 2015

Content Marketing: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Planning a content marketing strategy now will ensure future business improvements such as brand awareness, marketing ROI and consumer engagement. As well, content can always be repurposed, reinvented and syndicated, making it that much more of a fruitful tactic for any business to employ. For these reasons, content marketing is “the gift that keeps on giving,” as the more you nurture your strategy and the more you share and repurpose your content, the better results you’ll receive.

Yet many marketers aren’t taking advantage of repurposing content in their marketing strategies; in fact, only 29 percent of marketers regularly reuse content, according to a study by Curata.

To remedy this dismal state of affairs and help you derive optimal benefits from your crafted content, try repurposing it for usage in the following ways:

Syndicate content: Syndicated content is content created for a third-party site to push new readers to your website. In fact, frequent distribution as part of a content promotion strategy is critical to sparking engagement and driving sales, as evidenced in a recent case study designed by PR Newswire and So, while syndicated content isn’t directly associated with your organization, it can draw eyes to your site.

Use it in infographics: Infographics provide another opportunity to channel your content, especially in the case of long-form content that would be aesthetically pleasing and shareable when broken down into smaller bits of information. For example, a denser piece of content such as a white paper or case study may be hard for your all your readers to understand or process. However, when you reformat the information into shorter pieces of data with visual cues, you position it in a way that is easier for readers to digest.

Link to older content: The great thing about the Internet is that your content can live forever on your site. But don’t set it and forget it. Older content can be used again whenever it is relevant. In fact, The Atlantic magazine recently posted a link on Twitter to an article it had published in 2012 about how Japan has virtually eliminated shooting deaths. It did this following the tragic shooting on Dec. 4, 2015 in San Bernardino. Although the original story is more than three years old, the relevance of the content was such that the tweet accumulated 229 likes and 237 shares (as of Dec. 4, 2015).

Original content, however, should be the heart of your content marketing strategy. Knowing when to repurpose content without overdoing it is critical to the tactic’s effectiveness. Yet, by leveraging the different techniques listed above, you will be able to breathe new life into your old content and continue to spark consumer engagement without having to recreate the wheel.

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