July 17, 2015

Strategy and Resources: Not All Marketers Have Both

An entrepreneur can’t successfully launch his or her startup without a well-designed and all encompassing business plan, financial resources and at least a small staff of employees.

Similarly, marketers cannot excel in delivering the superior content that today’s more discerning consumers expect without a proper strategy and a wealth of resources.                                                          

However, choosing the right resources to help craft sound content marketing strategies is oftentimes quite difficult due to the abundance of technology and digital channels available. For starters, today’s marketers must work towards implementing data analytics technology so they can heed more consumer insights to strengthen their strategy. For example, marketers must utilize data gathered from their marketing databases—such as buyers’ demographic, firmographic and behavioral information—in order to bring targeted personalization to their content strategy.

Still, even if marketers do have access to data analytics, finding the time to produce compelling, “wow” worthy content is another struggle. And when consistency—in brand voice and posting frequency—is an essential element for a successful content marketing strategy, marketers mustn’t embark on a haphazard content campaign, as the end results will not prove satisfactory and you’re audience will likely be disappointed.

To that end, a recent report from the research firm Acsend2 titled, “Lead Generation Strategy Trends Survey Summary Report” revealed that 40 percent of the 300 marketing, sales and business professionals surveyed say the most challenging obstacle in the way of their lead generation success is, in fact, a lack of an effective strategy.

What’s more, another survey from Ascend2 titled, “Content Marketing Trends Survey Summary Report” revealed that 53 percent of marketers say that the most challenging obstacle in the way of attaining content marketing success is a lack of content creation resources.

Case in point, it appears that today’s marketers simply need a helping hand with their growing workloads. After all, no one can produce optimal results if they cannot dedicate their full attention to each task.

As such, it’s important that marketers know that they have options available to them, like recruiting help from a third-party content strategy vendor. An outsourced content marketing agency can help you:

  • Think outside the box: In content marketing it’s important for businesses to take risks by way of providing fresh perspectives on industry trends, news, market research, etc. But, when you barely have enough time to Tweet more than once per day, crafting impactful blog posts might be out of the question. Thankfully, a third-party content strategy vendor can do the legwork for you. As a result, you and your vendor can spend more time collaborating ways to approach topics in a new light so that you can stand-out in your industry as a thought leader.
  • Strengthen content strategy: Your content strategy vendor can also help make sure your strategy is in alignment with your business goals and your consumers’ interests and pain points. Perhaps you’ve only posted blogs in the past. But now that you have a helping hand, you can start utilizing other effective content platforms such as social media or video. In doing so, you can add more value to your content strategy through a multichannel approach, which will undoubtedly provide you with a wealth of metrics by which you can measure your content success.
  • Engage and grow readership: If you don’t have the time to conduct extensive market research or create an effective “how to” blog post, for example, fear not, your content strategist can do this for you. And when begin consistently posting—on your blog, your social accounts, etc.—engaging content, your existing consumers are more likely to share your posts. As well, the more your content is shared the greater your following becomes, e.g. the more qualified leads you start to reel in.

You never need to worry about not having a stellar content marketing strategy, because even if you don’t have the right strategy or enough resources on your own, just know that guidance and assistance is available. So what are you waiting for?

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