Congratulations ... Your Long Search for Great Content Writers Is Over

One of the most common complaints from employers these days is that a large segment of the generation currently entering the workforce does not possess adequate writing skills. Having seen research that proves content marketing yields healthy ROI, many businesses are increasing what they spend on content marketing. Without quality writers, however, it is difficult to predict what impact that new content might have on revenue and engagement.

Even when businesses do find quality writers, those employees often don't have the time to produce the volume of content the organization needs. A whopping 69 percent of B2B marketers claim they don't have enough time to craft strong content, according to the B2B Content Marketing 2014: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends-North America" report commissioned by the Content Marketing Institute.

Not surprisingly, one of the areas companies are looking to use new content for is their Websites. If your organization counts itself among those struggling to find great content writers that can produce enough quality copy for your Website, teaming with a content strategy vendor might hold the answer to your problems.

Outsourcing content production means you essentially add a team of highly qualified writers and brand management experts to your staff. Top-shelf content services help you communicate your message to consumers in your voice, becoming a de-facto arm of your marketing department. These expert wordsmithers collaborate with your internal team to create editorial calendars, content goals and an overarching strategy for increasing your market visibility and exposure. Not only does outsourcing content marketing to a professional vendor like Content Boost give you access to great content writers that help jumpstart you Website, it can also:

  • Help you save money by eliminating the need to hire new full-time marketers
  • Advise on improving your social media presence
  • Assist with email marketing or other targeted campaigns
  • Develop in-depth marketing assets like white papers or case studies

The Content Boost team is comprised of professionals who have spent their entire careers honing their writing skills. These content producers are experienced storytellers with a passion for communicating brand messaging from businesses to the purchasing public. The company also prides itself on providing customer service unmatched anywhere in the marketing industry. In other words, when you team up with Content Boost, your quest to find great content writers for your Website is finally over.

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Content Marketing Is The Most Used Approach!

Why Aren't You Using Content Marketing to Enhance and Drive Additional Traffic to Your Site?

  • Lack of resources to create content?
  • Lack of budget to create content?
  • Inability to hire, train and manage a team of subject-matter experts?
  • Lack of interesting content to feed your social media strategy?

Content Boost is Your Solution:

This program allows you to leverage our arsenal of experienced editorial talent to produce high-quality, engaging content for your company.

  • Dedicated team of writers producing professional content for your site.
  • Supply Your Site with Frequently-Updated, Relevant Content.
  • Pay One Monthly Fee that Includes all Content, Proofing and Posting. No team to manage or Train.

Get the Results You Seek:

  • Enhanced SEO Leading to More Traffic.
  • Higher Level of Engagement with Site Visitors.
  • Educate Visitors on Your Market Segment via Professionally Produced Feature Articles, News Announcements, Case Studies and More.
  • Establish Thought Leadership in Your Markets.

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