In the Search for the Best Copy Writer, Remember that Quality Copy is Key

Content may be King but quality content? Now that may require an entire kingdom. Crafting quality content that converts-in the form of leads, brand evangelists and brand awareness-is no small task. In fact, 69 percent of B2B marketers cite a lack of time as the chief challenge they face when it comes to content marketing strategy, according to the Content Marketing Institute's B2B benchmark study. Moreover, 47 percent contend with producing the type of content that engages.

But as all best-in-class marketers know, a lack of time and expertise is a killer recipe for poor quality content.

So where do you start in your quest to find the best copy writer? How do you ensure that only stellar, detail-rich copy resides on your website? By keeping the following tips and tricks in mind when it comes to selecting the best content writer:

  • Expertise is Key: Fakers won't cut it in this overly saturated content market. Rather you need to work with content creators who really understand your industry, unique value proposition and chief differentiators. Such writers can really uncover the nuances of your space and produce compelling, thought leadership pieces.
  • Innovation is Paramount: Good writers produce good, routine content. The best copy writer, however, produces innovative, awe-inspiring pieces that constantly push the envelope on creativity. Your content marketing strategy needs to embrace such ingenuity. Your blogs should be creative, spanning form Q&As to hard-hitting news pieces to softer evergreen blogs. Stellar content writers never let writer's block get in the way of impactful content creation.
  • Timing is Everything: Industry-leading content creators know that timing is everything in the blogosphere. It's imperative to produce current, relevant pieces that elucidate on your brand's tale and establish its subject matter expertise. These content writers will leverage the latest market research, buzz-worthy terms and pop culture references to bring a newfound relevance and SEO-worthiness to your blogging platform.

Your quest for the best copy/content writer need not go any further than Content Boost, a one-stop shop for all your content needs. Whether you are looking for an expert writer to produce that next white paper or a journalist to create fresh content for your blog, Content Boost gives your company the chance to work with a number of award-winning journalists. Quality certainly needs to trump quantity in the great content marketing landscape. So get your A-team together today to ensure that you have the best content writer on hand.

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